Is there an Olympian in you?

2016 Olympics

The Olympics are inspiring. They start slow and within just a few hours I am hooked – it’s the competition, the human grit, the challenge, the cheering for the home team. Watching the athletes makes me realize how amazing the human body is and what it can endure…to say nothing of the human spirit. Everything plays out in the Olympics – emotional drama, physical success and physical pain, elation and devastation, individual success and teamwork. What really stands out is the incredible determination, planning, goal setting, and confidence the competitors have; they believe they can do it! I believe we all have the potential to be an Olympian in our own world. Those characteristics are there; we just need to dig deep and find them.

This week I felt healthier just watching the Games…and, after Kristin Armstrong won her 3rd Gold Medal, I almost went out and bought a new bike! I have a renewed interest in my physical health from my nutrition to my activity level. In what ways do the Summer Olympics inspire you and your family to be more healthy?

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Summer Olympics: Not a Spectator Sport!

In my teens a wasted summer was one that included the Summer Olympics and Presidential Campaigning. My, how things have changed in my life!  Now I look forward to the Summer Olympics. Presidential Campaigning…well, we won’t go there!

This year’s Summer Olympic Games are July 27th to August 12th. It will be difficult to escape the constant flow of news coverage from the Opening to the Closing Ceremonies. My challenge to you: log on, plug in, or turn on – take 30 minutes of your life and watch an Olympic event between 7/27 and 8/12. Check out the different venues. Get inspired! Your inspiration could be to make better health choices in terms of food or exercise, or reclaim your determination and focus on health, or join a gym, or celebrate being an American, or gather with friends to participate in Team USA’s endeavors. I am motivated by the determination and focus of the athletes. I am amazed how they ‘power through’ in spite of exhaustion, emotion, and nay-sayers. I am inspired by their clarity of vision and how they handle setbacks, defeat, and victory. The Olympics are yours to celebrate and experience. So sit down with a healthy snack and a big bottle of water and cheer, laugh, groan, cry, or scream.

How do you plan to observe this summer’s Olympics?

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