Are you a sitting target?

Sitting Target

I was talking with a group of women last week about breast cancer. It seems the majority fell into two groups…”I don’t want to hear any more about breast cancer; I am sick of it” and “I am scared to death; I don’t want a mammogram – I just hope for the best”. I can appreciate both perspectives but doesn’t it just make us sitting targets? Cancer feeds on ignorance and fear; they are cancer’s allies.

Idaho has a low mammography screening rate and we need to change that. Please know that you don’t have to participate in a cancer walk, you don’t have to wear pink, you don’t have to pledge support, you don’t have to listen to surviviors. All you have to do is get a mammogram. No more excuses. Make the call; get it done.

For breast cancer resources, visit Health Matters. For financial assistance with a mammogram, visit Women’s Health Check and Operation Pink Bag.

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Being last isn’t good.

In 2011, Idaho had the lowest breast cancer screening rate in the United States. More than 1/3 of Idaho women over the age of 40 did not receive important breast cancer screening. Girls, GIRLS, GIRLS! Get in the game. If you are over 40, read the guidelines, get screened. Grab your Blue Cross of Idaho ID Card and call the Customer Service number on the back; ask about your preventive screening coverage. Don’t put it off. When you finish reading this post, make the call. Early detection literally means the difference between life and death. I know it’s uncomfortable, inconvenient, and takes time. So does cancer treatment; I know. You may think you have better things to do, but really you don’t. Being last isn’t good. Make your appointment. Now.

Read this month’s Success Story. For more resources on breast cancer detection and screening, see Health Matters and Operation Pink B.A.G.

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