Idaho State Employee Wellness Program

State Employee Wellness Mission

The mission of the Idaho State Employee Wellness Program is to enhance the effectiveness and well being of state employees through improving their health.

Guiding Principles

  • Healthy employees are an important key to a productive and cost effective workplace.
  • Healthy lifestyle behaviors and choices lead to increased productivity and job satisfaction; decreased health insurance costs, absenteeism, presenteeism, stress, and injuries; and improved recruitment and retention.
  • Healthy employees influence healthy lifestyle behaviors and choices within their families, especially with their children.
  • Healthy employees have a positive impact on the health of their communities and the state.
  • Employees want health and wellness opportunities that deal with body, mind, and emotional well being.
  • Employees need to be informed and conscientious health care consumers.
  • Employees become informed and conscientious health care consumers through education, screening, resources, and a work environment conducive to health and safety.
  • Agencies need a ‘healthy’ work environment and proactive wellness programs that increase efficiency and effectiveness and that encourage employee engagement at all levels.


Employee participation in wellness programs is voluntary.