Fruits and Veggies
Fruits and Veggies

Having small wars when you try to get fruits and veggies into your family’s meals? It can be a buzz kill for kids to see half their plate covered in veggies when they’ve been eyeing the bread… Don’t give up! There are many ways to supplement your family’s diet with fruits and veggies – without bringing down the house. Here are some tips to make it more fun!

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Get the family involved – go to the local Farmers Market; have family members choose a new veggie each week
Keep fruits/veggies on hand and in supply, washed and ready to eat
Make low-calorie dips and spreads from yogurts, seasonings, and herbs. It makes veggies more fun!
Put fruits and veggies in a smoothie or frosty treat
Add veggies to mashed potatoes or soups

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