Desk Movement
Desk Movement

Fidget. Do a desk-top drum roll. Shrug your shoulders. Turn your head left and right. Walk to your neighbor’s cubicle. Do stapler arm curls or chair leg-lifts. Stand on one foot. Dance it out. Just put it in motion. Make it your motto – “Seated for 60? Up for 3!” A general lack of movement or physical inactivity may be as deadly as smoking.  It’s true. Putting your body on “stall” is damaging. Letting it sit and idle all day while working is poisonous to your health. To top it off, if your belly is growing, your work performance may be shrinking. All good reasons to get up and move! A sedentary office job is no excuse. Use the time you sit in a chair to do some discrete exercises. Stop waiting for a trip to the gym,  or an evening walk, or some great inspiration – just start moving! Get your co-workers involved. Share the activity you do to keep yourself moving at work. Make a comment on this blog post and you are automatically entered into a drawing for one of four sets of two FREE tickets to Roaring Springs WaterPark in Meridian, ID, or one of four sets of two free tickes to Wahooz Fun Zone in Meridian, ID. You must be a State of Idaho employee to win; drawing is 6/24/14 at 10 a.m. MST.

How to play:

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Make a comment on this blog post by answering the question, “What activity do you do to keep on-the-move at work?”… or, if you are just getting started with this idea, “What activity would you like to start to get moving during your work day?” You must be a State of Idaho employee to win tickets. Winners will be posted on Health Matters Stress Center webpage on June 24, 2014.

This is a great way to get ideas and to share what works. Join in the conversation. You could be a winner!

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