Digging in the dirt benefits your soil – and your mind, body, and soul make out pretty well, too. It’s that time; spring has taken a long while to arrive this year. Pick up your garden gloves and your trowel and dig in!

The benefits of gardening are everywhere!

Helps you sleep better
Increases hand strength and dexterity

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  1. For me, gardening will always remind me of my boyfriend (who’s now passed). It’s a good way to get outside and I love the process of watching things grow. It’s fun!

  2. Blog Administrator for Jenny.Hill

    There are many benefits that me and my family receive from gardening. It allows us to spend time together working towards a mutual goal as a team. It also helps the kids to see that working hard at something will have a favorable outcome in the end. We are all very grateful to have the fresh fruits and vegetables at our fingertips, however, the kids will be excited to see the fruits and vegetables growing in the garden after spending so many hours weeding, watering, and sweating all summer long. It is important to me that the kids see where their food comes from because they seem to think that food just magically appears in the grocery store and don’t seem to put much thought into how it came to be. Happy gardening to everyone!

  3. Blog Administrator for jmccullo

    This will be the second year my family has a backyard veggie garden. The first year was a hit and miss finding out what veggies grew well in the area. My daughter especially loved picking the tomatoes and the zucchini. The melons didn’t really produce much but were the fruits she enjoyed the most, going out and measuring how big they were getting every week. Spending time weeding the garden together is a great workout with how many weeds we have in the area!

  4. I find that doing yardwork is a great way to distress from a busy day, and when I get outside and work in the garden, I find that my daughter will usually wander outside and either start helping me, or will talk about her day or what’s on her mind–sometimes hard stuff to get out of a tween! This year we are planning our vegetable garden together.

  5. Blog Administrator for jayuso

    This is my first year of a real garden and we are having so much fun. My little one loves to dig and play in the dirt and gets super excited when things begin to grow. Gardening gives us time together as a family and encourages healthier eating too. It is a win/win.

  6. Not only is gardening relaxing and a great way to get some Vitamin C, but nothing beats growing your own veggies to go with your home cooked meal! I still love making gardening a family activity with my toddler who loves her veggies. Watching her joy of getting to pick from the seeds she planted makes it that much more exciting!

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