[frame align=”left”][/frame]Is emotional eating sabotaging your weight loss efforts? Take the quiz. Do you snack mindlessly? I had to ask myself that question last night… I was tired, cold, and restless. But, I was not hungry. Yet the whole bag of popcorn was gone… Food cravings seem to happen when we are at our weakest point emotionally. We’re tired, it’s the end of the week, the day has not gone well, we’re stressed, or we just need comfort from somewhere. Eating initially feels as though it can magically fill that need. And then the guilt sets in. The March 6th Wellness Seminar “Get in the Driver’s Seat!” provided great resources to help us get back in charge, including a Class Overview, a Label Quick Guide and a Serving Reference Guide. Thanks to our presenter, Sarah Kempton, Blue Cross of Idaho, Wellness and Health Promotion Coordinator.